Hello. I’m Dave.

I’m a self-taught, Salt Lake City based Illustrator with a background in graphic design. I’ve done work for Google, Nickelodeon, Jack in the Box, Southwest Airlines, Toshiba and Discovery Channel. There’s a diversity of style in my work because every project tends to point toward it’s own visual direction and I enjoy the process of discovering a piece rather than assigning it a predetermined skin. My work tends to have a certain visual commotion and I would even say it’s the common thread. Most of the time I’m trying to interpret the montage effect of rock music. That’s the big feeling I try and excavate. That’s my style—it’s a feeling that eventually multiplies into an absurd interpretation. I don’t like drawing for the sake of drawing. I’m in this thing for the sentient music gear and anthropomorphic cuisine. I would be lost without obese felines, fake consumer products and control consoles embedded into organic life. I long for a world powered by Nintendo cartridges. I only want to eat karate inspired pastries and if it were up to me, everything would be adorned with synthesizer knobs.