About, Dave…

I’m an Illustrator, Designer, Art Director and Associate Creative Director. I’ve won some awards and I’ve done plenty of work for big clients including Google, Nickelodeon, Jack in the Box, Southwest Airlines, Toshiba and Cotopaxi. After a decade of making ads, I pivoted and took the safe and sensical plunge into the precarious world of freelance illustration and I’ve felt a million times better ever since. The best part of the creative process is zeroing in on a cool idea. I also adore weird ideas and I’m compulsive about how ideas are executed. Clients are typically happy with my work and there are a few reasons why: I've honed my craft, I know the value of a good concept and I have insomnia, the key ingredient in making the hustle real. So in case you're wondering, yes I wrote this bio at 3 a.m. and no, I wasn't really stabbed in the back with a broadsword. The above depiction is totally realistic but don't be fooled. I'm very much available and ready to collaborate.