Hello. I’m Dave.

I’m a Salt Lake City based Illustrator with a degree in graphic design. I chose illustration because it’s a medium that puts the odds in my favor. Where the economy of words fail, illustration is an effective form of dialogue. Over the years my style has evolved into a sort of tidy commotion. It’s the designer in me doing his best to talk down the numerous, unrelenting influences of my youth: action films, slam dunk highlights, decades of video games, the violence of Tom & Jerry, Rock and Roll, the 1980’s toy industry, Chuck Jones, swords, donuts and every registrable affection—it all demands a seat at the table and I have learned to embrace it. As a result my pieces typically develop into a complex and absurd spectacle. Like a montage without sequence or editing. However therein lies a little bit of magic—You can sit with my work or you can leave it where you found it but when you return, you’ll find something new. I assemble notions to impart the strength of a brands, to build themes, unpack subcultures, explore ideas and depict events in a static montage. I’ve worked with some amazing brands and none of this would be worth typing in a bio if it weren’t for the great people I’ve been fortunate enough to partner with at Google, Nickelodeon, Adobe, Jack in the Box, Activision, Discovery Channel and Cotopaxi.