AbouT Dave…

I'm an illustrator and I'm a designer. I've done work for up-and-coming start-ups like Google, Nickelodeon, Jack in the Box, Southwest Airlines, Toshiba and Discovery Channel. I dabble in different styles but my work maintains a visual coalescence. It's a bonafide trade secret comprised of stupid jokes, strange thoughts, subjective artifacts, a splash of camp, lack of sleep and an ever-evolving visual nomenclature that's not nearly as important as it sounds. I'm not a storyteller but my hope is that after spending a little time with my art you'll have a story to tell. Not unlike the time a mob of satisfied bystanders witnessed my death by broadsword. Toggling from portrait mode to social upload as quickly as life drained from my body. #broadsworddaylight #liveauthentic #picoftheday #storytime